The Wu-Tang Clan’s 20-year anniversary has arrived, so it’s natural that its members are reminiscing.

In an interview with noisy, the Wu’s Inspectah Deck recalled his pre-Wu days.

“I come from [that] era; I used to breakdance, I used to pop and lock,” said INS. “I used to battle Ghostface Killah.”

Deck continued, explaining the differences between his and Ghostface’s styles on the dance floor. “Ghostface Killah used to breakdance. I used to pop and lock. Electric Boogie. We used to go to junior high school together. We used to battle every day like it was Beat Street the movie. Don’t get me wrong; Ghost used to have an afro, like the Jackson 5.”

“Anything on the floor-wise, he was good. But standing up? I got you. He beat me today, I might beat him tomorrow,” he added.

The talk of schoolyard days transitioned to the beginning of the legendary collective’s legacy, which Deck credited to RZA, whose famed five-year plan to release made the Wu one of the most influential and ubiquitous Rap collectives in history.

“I can honestly say, RZA might’ve saw this happening,” he said. “He really saw this far back then. Twenty-year Wu-Tang anniversary is actually like a thirty-year anniversary for us. It’s ill that we still here.”

“When we first came out, we had the masks on,” said Deck, referring to the cover art of the group’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Stocking caps and everything on the album cover, so people didn’t really know who we were, what we looked like. By the time the album dropped, we got back to New York. The first album release at Webster Hall, and it was a surprise… It was crazy. I remembered seeing everybody that we looked up to: Busta Rhymes, Brand Nubian…everybody that we had listened to growing up.”

“I remembered seeing all those cats like, ‘Yo! They on our shit!”

Prior to the release of 36 Chambers in 1993, GZA released Words from the Genius as “the Genius” on Cold Chillin’ Records in 1991. Additionally, RZA released the Ooh, I Love You, Rakeem EP on Tommy Boy in 1991. Because 2013 is the 20th anniversary of 36 Chambers, the group has plans to drop a reunion project.

Watch the interview below:

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