V-Nasty recently looked back on her BAYTL project with Gucci Mane and reflected on Slim Dunkin’s murder. Nasty also spoke about why her future EP will change perceptions. 

Calling 2011’s BAYTL “a blessing,” V also explained how her relationship with collaborator Gucci Mane has progressed.  

“When Gucci be wit me, he just be like, ‘Oh, you crazy! You act just like me.’ Everybody who’s really been through shit is gonna have similar activities in their lives,” she continued, in an interview with VladTV. “We resemble each other. That’s my twin.” 

While working with Gucci, V-Nasty also had the opportunity to collab with Slim Dunkin, who was killed while shooting a video for a BAYTL single.

“It was fun to be out there (Atlanta). It was exciting. But when we shot the video, though, that’s when something crazy happened. Rest in peace, Slim Dunkin. We shot the video and that had happened,” she said. “While we were shooting a video for a song that we had, me, Slim Dunkin and Gucci.”

“I was there. I had seen him. That shit was fucked up,” she added. “It was just shocking.”

V-Nasty is now focusing a new EP. According to Nasty, the EP will contain a hit that is radio-ready.

“I got a hit on there. I’m ’bout to drop my hit. I’m ready for the radio now. I’m ready for the light. It’s my turn,” she shared. “I’m ’bout to show y’all some new shit. They thought I didn’t know how to rap. They doubted me for  second. I learned.  

Little else is known about the EP at the moment. More from this interview can be seen below.

V-Nasty arrived on the Hip Hop scene as part of White Girl Mob, along with Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie, making headlines for her use of the n-word. She then collaborated with several artists, including the aforementioned collaborative album BAYTL with Gucci Mane. Despite controversy, V-Nasty reportedly signed a $750,000 record deal with Pinnacle Records. 

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