No Limit rapper Fiend has always been known as one to speak his mind. Sometimes, interviews regarding certain artists coming from their peers reveal more information than actually talking to the specific artist. 

In a recent interview with Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio, Fiend talked about a myriad of topics including his relationship with No Limit founder Master P.

Fiend says he believes Master P’s negativity toward him is uncalled for and doesn’t understand it.

“This dude is out there some where still talking negative about me,” Fiend said. “I wanna go on record bro, I never bashed Master P a day in my life on an interview. I never sued him for rightful payment of things that I worked for or nothing, but I feel from time to time I catch a little negativity.”

The No Limit signee also spoke on a shooting incident while overseas during a Snoop Dogg performance.

“We had so much love for Snoop,” he said. “While he was performing someone shot a pistol and Me, C-Murder, Mac, Kane and Abel, and Magic jumped off the stage looking for a man with a gun when we ain’t have a box of popcorn to throw at this dude.”

Finally, another story emerged during the interview when Fiend claimed that he was a victim of racism in Germany.

“I was in Germany and I had to be locked up in the back of a bus because they are not into letting people of color into certain areas,” Fiend explained. “We had to be locked up in the back of the bus and be quiet.”

Listen to the full Fiend interview with UGS Radio here.