On 2011’s Life After War, singer Robin Thicke focused extensively on producing his own songs. The Star Trak/Geffen Records star’s fifth album was the first since his debut to not debut in the Top 10 of the charts. In making his sixth album, Thicke recently told Radio.com that he took that as a sign.

Preparing Blurred Lines for July 30, Robin Thicke claimed that low sales on Life After War influenced him to focus on singing and songwriting, and bring it outside producers. “I’ve always written and produced my own music. [Life After War] didn’t sell very well—in fact, not at all. I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I’m just being selfish and I want all the credit and I want everybody to love me and know how great I am and all this B.S..’ And then I realized, this time, I’m not going to do it all on my own.” Thicke deliberately sought out IGA label-mate will.i.am, along with Roc Nation’s Timbaland and Dr. Luke to do some of the musical lifting. “I’m going to hire some of the great hitmakers in the business and try to make some music everybody can enjoy instead of just my small fan-base,” said Robin of the decision.

Guest vocalists on the album include Kendrick Lamar, T.I. and Star Trak Entertainment co-founder Pharrell Williams.

Thicke discusses the influence of Prince and Michael Jackson on this album in the full Radio.com interview.

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