Long Island, New York emcee Roc Marciano and multi-platinum-producer Alchemist collaborated on 2012’s Reloaded album (“Flash Gordon)” from Roc, and Al’s Russian Roulette (“The Turning Point”). With both Decon Records efforts making the Top 25 Albums Of 2012 at HipHopDX, the pair has decided to extensively work together this year. Later this month, Roc will appear on Albert Einstein, made by Prodigy & Alchemist, as Alchemist reportedly lent work to Roc’s third solo effort, Marci Beaucoup, due this summer.

If that weren’t enough to keep up with, Roc Marciano recently revealed that the pair has plans of an album all their own. The former front-man for the U.N. and the Gangrene co-pilot are reportedly unsure of when the untitled project will come, but it’s on its way.

“Me and Alchemist are working on a project. Him making beats, and me rhyming,” Marci told “In The Lab,” an interview posted on NahRight.com. “I’m not gonna say it’s next, but it’s one of the things I’m working on. We don’t have a name for it yet. Me and the Arch Druids, we’re done. Scorched Earth Policy. That’ll be one of the projects you’ll be hearing in the near future [after Marci Beaucoup].”

In addition to Albert Einstein, Alchemist already produced the entire 360 Waves album his group, Durag Dynasty, which also includes Planet Asia.

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