Mayer Hawthorne has finalized plans for his fourth solo album, Where Does This Door Go. Now signed with Universal Republic Records, the Ann Arbor, Michigan native singer, deejay and onetime emcee in Athletic Mic League will collaborate with Compton, California star Kendrick Lamar on the July 16 release.

Pharrell also contributes production to the follow-up to 2011’s How Do You Do, along with 2010 DXnext artist Jack Splash.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Problematization

2. Back Seat Lover

3. The Innocent

4. Allie Jones

5. The Only One

6. Wine Glass Woman

7. Her Favorite Song

8. Crime (with Kendrick Lamar)

9. Reach Out Richard

10. Corsican RoseI

11. Where Does This Door Go

12. Robot Love

13. The Stars Are Ours

14. All Better

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