Serving as the latest guest on The Combat Jack Show, Harlem rapper/producer Large Professor shared his first-hand account of the infamous beef between Hip Hop Titan’s Jay-Z and Nas. The former Main Source member revealed that even though Nas may have expected his riff with Jay-Z, he never could have predicted that the two emcees would go at it on wax.

“No, I would never have thought them dudes,” said Large Professor. “Because Jay—that’s a cool dude…Because I was with Nas the first time we heard it and it was like ‘yo.’ But I think Nas already knew. Nas knew what was kinda brewing already. I didn’t…Because I think he knew so, he was like, ‘Nah yo, don’t worry. We got this.’”

Large Professor was quick to state that his loyalty lied with Nas throughout the ordeal and commented on Nas’ impressive handling of the situation. During the time of his beef with Jay-Z, the Queensbridge rapper was also coping with a sick mother.

“Definitely,” said Large Professor, when asked if his loyalty at the time lied with Nas. “And it’s like, ‘Nah man. This is getting a little too gritty.’ But how Nas was handling it and he was going through the situation with his mother and she was sick and things like that. It was just like, ‘Yo god, you aight? You good?’ And he’s like ‘Nah yo, I got this. Don’t worry about that’…He always reassured me though.”

Prior to sharing his thoughts on the beef between Jay-Z and Nas, Large Professor commented on Jay-Z’s “I showed you your first Tec, on tour with Large Professor” lyric on “Takeover” and revealed that while Jay-Z may not have been carrying a TEC-9 while on tour, he was likely armed with something.

Large Professor’s interview on The Combat Jack Show can be found below (via Miss Info).

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