Gang Starr may have said it best calling their seminal fourth album Hard To Earn. All great things truly are. Such is the case in an interview with Large Professor. Seven years after the quest began, this editor was able to conversate with the man responsible for the intricate, timeless songwriting on joints like “Looking At The Front Door” and “The Sun” and the carefully seasoned “original recipe” production on Nas‘ “Halftime” and Kool G Rap‘s “Money In The Bank.”

Just over two weeks away from his long awaited, nostalgic return to album-making, Main Source, a nod to Large Pro‘s classic ’90s group, the contender for “best producer on the mic” status emerges to discuss his past, present and future. Walking through the album, The Extra P describes his philosophies on mentoring a new breed of producers, Eric B. & Rakim‘s missed opportunity in Nasir Jones and how he switched from using the instrument he made famous, to more contemporary tools of greatness. It is with patience, honor and heroic respect that HipHopDX features Large Professor.

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