With the second “Under The Influence” tour expected to kick off in just a few weeks in San Francisco, the tour’s headliners, Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky, let loose a few additional details about the tour in their interview with Live Nation.

According to Wiz, fans can expect even more “good music” this go around and can also look forward to a little added “super stardom” thanks to the addition of Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky to the tour roster.

“I think everything naturally gets better with time. The second year of ‘Under The Influence,’ the first one was amazing. Was a lot of plans. Everybody had fun. It sold out pretty much like the whole thing,” the Pittsburgh rapper explained. “So, I think naturally people are going to be more excited with the new acts that are on…With the amount of good music that’s gonna be really brought to the table. And I feel like with A$AP having as much success with his album, being number one, it brings like some super stardom to it too.”

Acts expected to join Wiz and A$AP Rocky throughout the tour include Berner, Trinidad Jame$, and Brooklyn spitter Joey Bada$$. On top of the acts mentioned, this year’s tour will also welcome a number of additional tour dates.

“There is new cities because we only did 11 dates last year so, obviously we’re gonna be gone for longer than that,” said Wiz. “It’s expanding and that’s a good thing because that means that people love him and they love us. And that they want to see us more so, it’s no telling what it could do.”

The “Under The Influence” tour will begin on July 7 in San Francisco and will go on to make stops in Boston, Detroit, Austin, and a number of other cities.

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