Houston rapper RiFF RaFF found himself in a somewhat heated debate over whether or not his act is real or staged during an appearance on HOT 97 earlier this week. When asked by radio personality Ebro if the character he portrays is in fact real, RiFF RaFF revealed that while his personality may at times be “over the top” it’s completely authentic.

“If somebody’s playing around, what they’re gonna do is maybe go to the middle of the mall buy some duplicate chains. Buy some whatever that they think somebody else would buy. Me, all my songs, 90 videos, all original songs. All original beats. Now am I flamboyant? Am I over the top? Maybe…The shit I’m doing ain’t a joke,” RiFF RaFF revealed.

Later in the interview, RiFF RaFF welcomed comparisons to ‘90s rapper Vanilla Ice after stating that he looked up to the artist as a youth.

“I can remember being a kid and watching Vanilla Ice and it made me smile…I love it. I love that,” said RiFF RaFF after being referred to as a modern-day Vanilla Ice. “I can remember seeing Vanilla Ice and then through time he stopped being Vanilla Ice…This ain’t about Vanilla Ice, this about me. And I’m that one. I do trap music. I do all that shit. I do whatever I feel like doing cause it’s in my brain. I don’t got nobody writing my lyrics and that’s why I freestyle.”

RiFF RaFF quickly gained viral fame years ago thanks to a number of freestyles posted on YouTube and has gone on to appear on songs that feature Action Bronson, Chief Keef, Earl Sweatshirt, and more. Most recently, the rapper was reportedly the inspiration behind James Franco’s character in the film Spring Breakers.

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