As J. Cole’s single “Power Trip” begins to make its rounds, the hype for his sophomore album Born Sinner continues to grow.

In a recent interview with Charlie Sloth on BBC 1Xtra, Cole provided more details on the project, announcing that TLC would be joining him on a track. “I got Miguel, but I also got – this is big – I got TLC on the album,” he said. “Yes, T-Boz and Chili. It’s crazy.”

Though he wouldn’t name other guests, Cole discounted many possibilities, stating that “no [one else] is rapping on the album.”

Listen to the interview below (spotted at HHNM):

Elsewhere, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg revealed details about a specific cut from Born Sinner. “Supposedly, there’s a song on the J. Cole album called something along the lines of ‘I Disappointed Nas.'”

Rosenberg continued, saying that the song was “about how Nas supposedly reached out to J. Cole after he heard ‘Workout’ and was like, ‘Nah, fam. I expected more from you than this,’ and supposedly J. Cole gets really personal, and has a whole song about how it felt to have disappointed obviously one of his heroes in music, Nas.”

Watch the Hot97 segment on J. Cole below:

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