Glory Boyz/Interscope Records artist Chief Keef was just released from an extended stay at a juvenile detention center in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois earlier this spring. Reports from yesterday (May 20) indicate that Keef was again in trouble with the law.

Chief Keef was reportedly arrested for disorderly conduct outside of Atlanta, Georgia yesterday, according to Their reports indicate that the incident stemmed from Keef smoking marijuana at a hotel in the city. After he was apprehended, Keef was taken to DeKalb County Jail. The jail is familiar to his 1017 Glo Gang partner Gucci Mane, who has been held there multiple times over the last five years.

Keef has already tweeted that he has been released from custody early this morning (May 21). No court dates have been announced.

(May 21)

UPDATE: Following Chief Keef’s May 20 arrest in Atlanta, Georgia and release the day after, the Glory Boyz Entertainment/Interscope Records artist contacted TMZ to further explain his side of the story. The Chicago, Illinois rapper blames a staff-member at Le Meridien Hotel.

In a series of statements that may have been text messages, Keef told TMZ what happened. They are compiled in quote-form here: “So me and my homie Tray Savage was in the hotel room chillin’ when some fat-ass security guard started knocking on the door talking about he needed to fix a water leak. So his ass walked in and started looking around at us and immediately gave me the racist look then started talking shit to me. I told him, ‘I thought you wanted to fix a water leak?’ Which he obviously lied ’cause there was no water leaking. Then he immediately started talking shit to us. He told me that he was going to call the police on me so I called him a bitch. He kept saying how the police about to be on their way to lock me up so I blew smoke in his face and pulled out 30 racks and said I got the bond money—’there is more where this come from.'”

Keef added that the man he believes is a security guard, was “racist from the moment he walked in the room. The way he looked at us was a racist look.”

The security guard, who did not release his name, contacted TMZ. Explaining his side of the story, he claimed, “I was protecting my job. If I hadn’t called the police on him, and somebody else came behind me and found that out, knowing that I was in that room, my job would be gone.” Asked about why he specified that Keef had dread-locks in his call to police, the man stated, “I was just givin’ a description. The company I work for, we have certain protocols for things like that. Giving a description is one of those things.” He also claimed, “it’s illegal,” as to his views on marijuana used by hotel guests. The interview is below:

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