It’s been well over a decade since a rumored altercation between New York City emcee’s Big Pun and Jay-Z allegedly broke out, and the rumor is finally being laid to rest thanks to a recent interview with former Terror Squad artist Cuban Link.

Contrary to popular belief, Cuban Link explained that Jay-Z, who was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle by Big Pun during the incident, was not present when an altercation broke out between the Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad camps at Club Carbon. Instead, according to Cuban, it was Memphis Bleek who was present at the nightclub and may have been the first to incite the violence.

“People got it twisted with that. It was two altercations with Jay-Z. That one, the club—that was a whole different thing. Jay-Z wasn’t even there…That time it was Bleek,” Cuban Link revealed. “No, Bleek rocked nigga’s with a bottle. Yeah, Bleek rocked somebody from Terror Squad with a bottle…It was definitely Bleek and them. That somebody, at the time our camp Terror Squad, got rocked with a bottle. Nigga’s came back to the VIP bleeding and then after that nigga’s got it popping. Nigga’s started chasing the whole Roc-A-Fella…And some other nigga’s from Roc-A-Fella got hit with bottles and they got fucked up. They got chased out.”

Cuban Link later attributed any issues Big Pun had with Jay-Z to Fat Joe who the Bronx rapper says may have been jealous. Fortunately, all three emcees were able to speak privately during a private meeting Cuban says took place after the Club Carbon incident.

“One of the tours that we was doing, they had a little private meeting. And I think it’s cause of after that situation happened,” said Cuban. “Joe and Pun went to meet him inside a room…In Jay-Z’s defense, at the end of the day Jay-Z did see me one time in a DMX listening party. And he came up to me and he said ‘Yo Cuban.’ And I said ‘Yeah, what’s up baby?’ He goes, ‘At the end of the day it was never personal.’ Even with Pun, Pun’s beef with Jay was never personal it was more of what Joe was implicating and putting in his head. It was more jealousy towards Jay.”

Video of Cuban Link’s interview with Forbez DVD can be found below.

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