Atlanta, Georgia-based producer Mike WiLL Made It has worked with the likes of Jay-Z & Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Future and Rihanna throughout the last several years. Today, the 24 year-old revealed to his plans to drop an instrumental project later this year with an edgy title, in #FuckVerses.

This project, which is tenatively planned for summer release, will follow his 2012 mixtape, Est. In 1989. “When I was growing up, all the producers that were big at the time, I used to like hearing their instrumentals,” said WiLL in a press statement. “With the Est. In 1989 series, and now with #FuckVerses, I wanted to show people the growth; from rap, to now R&B and Pop and Rock, my sound is so diverse, and these projects allow me to give my fans music and show off my growth at the same time.”

Jazz is an element in #FuckVerses, that may surprise Mike WiLL fans. “With #FuckVerses, I feel like with music, the first thing that catches people is the hook and the beat,” Mike said. He adds that some of these creations may still be sold to other artists. “Later on, you’ll hear full songs on some of these beats, and with some of these hooks—we’ll take it to another level. But right now, this is for the listeners that are fans of good production and new sounds. It’s a new genre of music, and it’s called Eardruma.”

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