The Footwear News (FN) CEO Summit is currently taking place at Fontainebleau Miami Beach in South Florida. There, the publication and organization addressed issues in the marketplace, including trends, innovations and more.

One of the biggest stories emerging from the summit, and reported by Footwear News no less, is Reebok CEO Uli Becker addressing the brand’s severing ties with rapper Rick Ross last month. The dispute emerged after protesters petitioned Reebok online and outside of retail locations, to drop Ross following his lyrics perceived to be condoning rape on Rocko’s “U.E.N.O.” Within two weeks, Reebok released a public statement announcing they dropped the Maybach Music Group CEO, citing differences of “values” at the core. Ross responded days later, formally apologizing to Reebok for his actions.

During the summit which kicked off on Tuesday (April 30), Uli Becker, who was photographed during his presentation, was quoted as deeming Rick Ross a “great guy,” while criticizing his advisors as “stupid.” Maybach Music and Def Jam Records have yet to respond to the claims.

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