As one of the new additions to G.O.O.D. Music in 2011, Pusha T was privy to a firestorm of press, concert appearances and more, courtesy of his signing to Kanye West’s high-profile label. In a new interview with, Pusha also revealed that ‘Ye offered the Clipse co-founder one of his most famous beats as of late.

“[Kanye West] sent me some stuff that I don’t always feel. It happens. Then he’ll go out of his way to prove you wrong. And he does sometimes…‘Ni**as in Paris,’ said the Virginia Beach, Virginia native, of the song co-produced by Mike Dean, Hit-Boy and Anthony Kilhoffer. In turn the song ended up a triple-platinum single on the summer 2011 Jay-Z & Kanye West collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

In hindsight, Pusha admitted that he missed the beat’s full potential. “You have to have that imagination sometime, and that’s something I’m learning. I’m so ready to rap and stuff that imagination don’t be kicking in.”

In the same interview, Pusha T revealed that following his July 16 release of solo debut, My Name Is My Name, he will be wrapping his sophomore album, titled, King Push. The veteran added that at present, he plans no guest appearances on the follow-up.

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