Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native and Hip Hop star Wiz Khalifa along with fellow Taylor Gang member Berner and respected clothing designer Sketch recently announced the launch of FRESHKO; a brand that will include graffiti, music, art and fashion.

FRESHKO will be released on May 1. Products will be available online and at the in store event at Tradition, located inside the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California. The pop-up store event starts at 4pm PST. Wiz Khalifa, Berner, and Sketch (Al Freshko) will be in the store showcasing the line. Taylor Gang rappers Wiz and Berner have always been involved with fashion; they will be using the experience for their new venture. Berner is well seasoned with his line “Cookies” and will bring his perspective to the FRESHKO brand. Sketch is known for designing and developing Diamond Supply Co.’s identity with Nick Tershay. Sketch started off from a respected graffiti crew out of San Francisco called ICP and he was one of the original designers for DGK in 2003.

FRESHKO believes they are more than just a clothing line. “Music, art, graffiti, skating and dancing all fall into the same category,” said Wiz Khalifa in a press statement. “Just like Taylor Gang has always done, the mission of FRESHKO is to give others a chance to be a part of something while expressing themselves individually through their own respective vision and knowledge.” FRESHKO’s icon, the elemonkey, symbolizes good luck, fortune, strength, courage, wisdom, intelligence, leadership, and career victory. The circle F represents a solid foundation and solidity, completion, infinite potential, and 360 degrees. The “F” represents fundamentals, focus, freedom, foundation, future, and family.

Wiz Khalifa recently released a collaborative work with Curren$y entitled Live In Concert on April 20. Khalifa is currently recording a 2013 album.

For more details on the in store event taking place on May 1 visit the FRESHKO website.

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