Producer/artist Scott Storch was one of the most prevalent producers of the ’00s. The former Roots member and onetime Dr. Dre protege relocated to Miami, Florida over a decade ago, where he crafted hits for Terror Squad, Beyonce, Big Boi and Lil’ Kim. In recent years, the owner of Tuff Jew Productions, LLC has been in reclusive, after reports of financial struggles including a child support-related arrest warrant and battling a drug addiction.

In a new video interview with and Mikey T The Movie Star, Scott Storch previewed his upcoming work and waved concerns about his health and lifestyle.

“I’m finally falling in love with music again,” said the keyboardist from Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” “I lost the passion for a while [from] public [and] personal issues, and stuff I went through. As time goes by [with] the clarity I’m getting every day, I feel the music’s getting better—more vivid and effortless.” He added that he’s “a studio junkie,” working with 2 Chainz and Poe Boy Entertainment’s Elric “E-Class” Prince on their roster, which presently includes Flo Rida, Brisco and Brianna Perry.

Addressing addiction reports, Storch stamped out rumors. “Contrary to believers of stuff that surrounds me, I’m doing just fine. [I am] living the healthy life, and just kinda have been very secluded in the past few months, just being in the studio.” He added, “I didn’t forget how to make hits. I do this lovely.”

The full video is below:

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