Following the release of 2008’s A History Of Violence, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Jedi Mind Tricks co-founder Stoupe (a/k/a Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind), has not been involved with the group. J.M.T.’s 2011 LP Violence Begets Violence featured outside production, while Stoupe released a solo project in 2010 (Decalogue), along with two side projects with groups, Dutch and Vespertina.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Stoupe—who also produced Canibus’ Rip The Jacker LP, will return to Hip Hop. Along with Supastition (a/k/a Kam Moye), the pair (as Vestige), will release The Inanimate Life this summer. According to an early press release, the LP “documents the fictional life story of a man born to an unfit mother and how his life spirals out of control due to her actions, as well as his own mistakes. The story and lyrics were written by Supastition with Stoupe and his production team (Bad Tape) handling the music which meshes together Hip Hop, Downtempo, and live instrumentation.”

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