Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area act Jedi Mind Tricks has been known for the last 15-plus years for their consistent raw and rugged Hip Hop records. Having sold over 450,000 records on a worldwide level, JMT’s Violence Begets Violence will be their seventh studio album and first project that will not include producer, Stoupe. The news came jarring to some, as Stoupe had complemented Vinnie Paz’s abrasive vocal style with diverse sample choices, softer strings and keys, and a chemistry that made the group an underground Hip Hop stalwart throughout the ’00s.

Although the fans may interpret things one way, JMT’s Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah spoke with DX about Stoupe’s departure, and why Violence Begets Violence won’t miss a beat.

Why Jedi Mind Tricks And Stoupe Have Parted Ways

HipHopDX:  A lot of fans have shared their disappointment on realizing that Stoupe did not contribute to Violence Begets Violence, what are your thoughts on the situation and how are things with you and Stoupe? 

Jus Allah: As far as that situation, I haven’t seen Stoupe in years. So as far as him being apart of this record, you know, he gave a couple of beats to me and [Vinnie Paz]. We agreed on maybe two of them, but they didn’t make the final cut for the album. We’re trying to make hardcore music, and he’s still on [Jedi Mind Tricks 2006 song] “Razorblade Salvation” type deal, that’s cool for what it is, but we’re trying to keep it rugged right now. We’re still growing and Stoupe is growing too. He hasn’t been with us; hasn’t hung out with us; so he doesn’t know where our heads are at.

We’re back in war mode. We want our spot back. It’s not a game no more. You just have a lot of people who talk randomly and recklessly about our music, but [there is] never an artist who never says anything about our music because they understand what we put into making every track. But you know you get a fan that’s like 15 [years old], who gets a little cocky and [begins] saying what we should be doing. We’ve been a group for 15, 20 years. How are we gonna let people dictate what we are doing? We understand what’s best for us as a group and for our fans.    

Vinnie Paz: For me and Jus [Allah], it’s business as usual. [Stoupe is] on the Internet making it seem like it’s a lot going on, but as far as we’re concerned, we’re working. I can’t sit around and wait for someone anymore; this is what I do for a living.  The whole time it’s been hard dealing with [Stoupe]. With me, one monkey don’t stop one show.  He’s been wishy-washy since the beginning. I don’t have a choice, this is all I know. Shit needs to come out.

Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah Explain Making Violence Begets Violence

DX: On the album there is an array of producers that you guys brought on for this project. Without Stoupe, where did put you guys when it came to create and record this project? 

Jus Allah: We’ve been doing this a long time and we know a lot of people that want to work with us who are hungry. A lot of these kids were on the same page as us. It’s good to bring people up and at the same time build.  It’s a few cats on their that are really repping, and give us the heat. When they come to us with beats they come to us with their best. It’s a growing process.   

Vinnie Paz: When I was working with a lot of these cats on the records on this particular LP, I was looking for our shit to get done. I didn’t need things to be done a certain way, I was looking for the records and putting them in the stash. 

DX: What’s next for Jedi Mind Tricks?

Jus Allah: I just want cats to listen with an open mind. If you never heard us before or heard us before, don’t compare this album with other Jedi Mind Tricks albums before now, compare it with stuff that came out this year. This is our careers now this is what we do. I bet my life on this album, nobody’s fucking with it. 

Vinnie Paz:  As far as Stoupe is concerned, talk to him. We’re still doing incredible music. If anything, there is no beef. We’re doing the shows, the interviews, we’re the ones getting asked the questions. So ask him what the problem is. We’re here to make music. If you don’t got positive shit to say to me, don’t say it to me. What’s next, we’re off to Australia [to tour]. Fans out there have been coming to our shows around the world; so we’re going to go out there to show them love.   

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