It’s amazing how far a record can go with just a little help from your friends, and in J. Dash’s case, it was Disney sweetheart-turned-Hip-Hop-Twerk leader, Miley Cyrus. The “WOP” originally started as a dance Dash and his friends created in his Gainesville, Florida home, and eventually turned into a record that circulated the club scene, and soon landed into the living-rooms of America—with the latter being in thanks to Miley’s ground-shaking video of her twerking to Dash’s “WOP,” which has gone viral and gained over four million views on YouTube. Much like everyone else, Dash was somewhat blindsided by the sight of Billy Ray’s baby girl getting ratchet to his song while wearing a onesie.

“I didn’t know she can move like that,” Dash told HipHopDX during an exclusive interview. “Miley [Cyrus] had hit me up months ago out of love saying she really loved this record. I was like, ‘Oh, cool.’ We kept in touch since then. So when it dropped that night, I was in my bed…still sick. Somebody asked me if I had seen the video. I went and looked at it on Facebook. I hit her up immediately saying it’s crazy. She was like, ‘You dig it?’ But we had been talking about it for months before that. She loved the record and we joked about doing the dance to it. I just never knew she was going to drop that video on Facebook to 24 million people.” 

Dash grew up in Gainesville, surrounded by the ever-growing dance/party craze that runs rampant throughout the college and nightlife scene. The pianist-turned-rapper (he counts Timbaland & Magoo’s “Up Jumped The Boogie” as the moment he became a Hip Hop head) has become the latest product of that, creating the joints everybody can go H.A.M. to. Much like the “Chicken Noodle Soup” and “Harlem Shake” videos, “WOP” has cemented itself in the Pop Culture zeitgeist. 

“Dance music never dies,” he noted, adding that his asking price for shows has increased since WOP went viral. “You can eat off those for forever.”

Whether the track will commercially define J. Dash remains to be seen. But he made it clear he had artistic visions before and after Miley’s decision to become a solo player for the twerk team with his track in the background.

“I used to play piano in a band called Thunder & Lightning out of Jacksonville,” Dash added. “I’ve been playing the piano since I was five years-old. I got into Blues and Jazz at around 11, 12. I jumped into the classic scenery and then into Hip Hop around 18, 19. I’ve been all over the place. I love stepping outside of that box, musically, and trying new things. I’m not afraid of doing any type of music.”

The latest type of music he does will likely be another potential hit, as it features T-Pain. The Track, entitled “Winsday,” will be on his upcoming album. Regardless of whether they twerk or not, it’s good to have friends in high places.

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