As he prepares to release his tenth solo full-length, Everythang’s Corrupt, Ice Cube spoke about his music, film and endorsement career with The L.A. Weekly.

During the interview, Cube was pressed about his relationship with N.W.A. band-mate, Dr. Dre. Throughout the last 27 years, the pair have maintained a curious history. Once in “the world’s most dangerous group” together, they were quick to diss each other in 1990 and 1991, during Cube’s departure from the group and Ruthless Records. The Boyz N’ The Hood star famously made a cameo in Dr. Dre’s own solo breakout The Chronic, in the “Let Me Ride” video. In the decade that followed, the pair would collaborate on “Natural Born Killaz,” an early glimpse at the later-shelved Helter Skelter collaborative album. At the turn of the millennium, the two reunited once again, with MC Ren and Snoop Dogg (n/k/a Snoop Lion), in a two-song attempted re-vamp of N.W.A.

During the 2000s, again, Cube and Dre have had periods of promoting an association, before bouts apart.

Pressed about his current correspondence with his Compton, California friend Dr. Dre, Cube replied, “[We talk] every now and then. We’re trying to put this N.W.A. movie together. This is the real one.”

As for which film Cube was dismissing, it remains to be specified. There are two documentaries in production regarding the life of Eazy-E and his Ruthless Records label, where both Dre and Cube were once artists. One film is allegedly going to produced by Eazy’s daughter. Cube did stress that his F. Gary Gray-directed biopic in pre-production is the only authentic account of the group. “That other [N.W.A.-related film] that you heard about was bullshit. This is the official one. We’re taking it to the nooks and crannies, I think deeper than any other article or documentary on the group. These are the intimate conversations that helped forge N.W.A. To me I think its interesting to anybody who loves that era and I don’t know any other movie where you can mix Gangster Rap, the FBI, L.A. riots, HIV, and fucking feuding with each other. This movie has everything from Darryl Gates and the battering ram.”

The full, three-page interview with Ice Cube is available atThe L.A. Weekly.

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