For fans of Houstonian Hip Hop trio Geto Boys there might be the slightest chance of a new album from the group, but a new project from the Geto Boys comes with a rather hefty stipulation. While chopping it up with Hard Knock TV, Scarface revealed that he’d be willing to create another Geto Boys album only if it was produced by iconic record producer Rick Rubin.

“You know what, if Rick Rubin would produce another Geto Boys album I’d do it. If Rick Rubin produced a Geto Boys album, not a song, a fucking album. I’d do it. Otherwise, I ain’t doing it,” Scarface revealed.

Rubin worked heavily with Scarface as well as Willie D and Bushwick Bill on The Geto Boys, an album that featured a handful of reworked tracks from Grip It! On That Other Level and Making Trouble on top of several new songs from the group.

Prior to speaking on the possibility of a new Geto Boys album, Scarface expressed his appreciation for Rubin as a Hip Hop pioneer, but did express some uncertainty when he stated that he was unsure if the producer was a fan of his music.

“I got a lot of respect for Rick and what he did, what he’s doing. And what he means to Hip Hop. And I could have just been reading it wrong. Maybe somebody said that shit just trying to be funny or some shit, but somebody said that Rick Rubin didn’t like my shit,” said Scarface. “Every time I see Rick Rubin it’s like we all cool and shit. So, I’m assuming that he might have did like my shit and then again maybe not. I love his shit. I love Rick Rubin. Like I said, I love what he did for Hip Hop. Rick Rubin was a part of the program, in the early parts of it. He had those rock and roll type beats.”

Released in 2005, The Foundation serves as the Geto Boys’ last studio album.

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