Curren$y loves cashing in on his efforts and despite his modest mannerisms, the New Orleans, Louisiana native doesn’t hesitate when it comes to copping the fruits of his labor. An avid car collector, the “New Jet City” creator isn’t shy about sharing the rationale behind his big purchases. “I only bought one [Chevrolet El Camino],” he told HipHopDX after a recent set at BMI’s Urban Showcase in Atlanta. “I bought two [Chevrolet] Monte Carlos… I have three Impala SSes. Two burgandy and one green one.”

Curren$y Explains His Love Of Muscle Cars

“The reason I did this,” he adds, “Is because in about 30 years when I got silver hair, I’ll be at Barrett Jackson Auction and I’m gonna sell one of those for probably about 70 racks.”

With that said, perhaps a major part of his longevity is knowing what’s important, when and how to cash in and the significance of giving back. “I’m trying to plan it out,” he says slowly. “You’re older for longer than you’re younger so you gotta have that shit all planned out.”

Curren$y Discusses Pilot Talk III, Updates On Dame Dash Relationship

This thread of conscious is one that keeps the emcee grounded as he implements it in every aspect of his career—down to album artwork. With Pilot Talk III coming together alongside longtime collaborator Ski Beatz, Curren$y is prepared to give fans another body of work defining his thought process.

For the first two Pilot Talk projects, the emcee locked himself into the recording process. He and Ski slept in the studio. He took a substantial break from his beloved Playstation. Curren$y Spitta put every bit of his focus into the music and he says that he wanted to be able to do that again for Pilot Talk III.  But his priority was wrapping up a few legalities surrounding his collaborative mixtape with Wiz Khalifa, Live in Concert

Now that the joint retail digital EP is done, Curren$y can put all of his creativity into the third installment of the Pilot Talk series. He shrugs almost dismissively when asked about whether or not he already has a direction in mind. Then with a grin, he admits to having the entire project mentally mapped out. “It’s a feeling,” he shares, lighting another doobie. “Pilot Talk I and II is about that house, like if you look at the artwork, it’s about the things I was trying to assemble in my life. The material things I needed to get from the game, even though, it’s not about material shit but you have to look at it to know what you’re hustling for.”

“If you look at the artwork,” he continues, “You see the house with all the rooms, it was getting furnished, then with Pilot Talk II, you saw the driveway and all the cars and shit and that was all the actual shit that I had bought after the first Pilot Talk.”

“So now I’ve moved into another crib, got a whole grip of wheels and shit and I’ve hustled, done so much other shit, so now I can talk about it and we can go in again, so I can tell them how to get this new shit I got.”

Between Pilot Talks though, there was the matter of Muscle Car Chronicles being released by Damon Dash’s DD172 imprint, reportedly outside of Spitta’s approval, subsequently leading to a lawsuit against the rap mogul. When asked about his feelings on the finished product, the rapper says, “I don’t know.”

“I didn’t know it came out,” he says shortly. “I just smoked more weed.”

To his benefit, Spitta did search for his attorney backstage to ask whether or not he could respond to questions pertaining to the pending suit against Dash, but to no avail. His manager shut the question down near instantly. Curren$y chuckled at the staunch response of his right hand man, “I tried to get you the answer though. See?” 

Regardless of shady dealings, temporary setbacks and the like, Spitta can’t be held down for too long. Perhaps one of the most commendable attributes about him is that he’s never too caught up in this rap star life to get too ahead of himself or too into himself. “I’m not stingy with the hustle at all,” he reveals, exhaling thick smoke. “Because I figure if everybody’s out here getting it then nobody’ll be hating.”

“There’s no reason to be pissed that dude got a Lambo if you’ve got a Ferrari. You know? I just want everybody to get along.”

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