N.O.R.E.’s Student of the Game has only been out for days, and already the rapper is planning his follow-up.

“Every single skit on this album involved a famous person,” explained the artist who now goes by P.A.P.I. in an interview with Power 99’s Mina SayWhat. “What I was going to do is the opposite with part two: still have the skits, but I’m gonna take away the famous people and give some up-and-coming people some shine. Believe it or not, when Kevin Hart did that skit, he was up-and-coming, just right about to blow.”

P.A.P.I. went down his wish list for the next project, including a stellar line-up of producers. “With the new album, I want to reach out to [DJ] Premier, Q-Tip, already got something from 9th Wonder, my man Charlie Brown who did three joints on this album is gonna present something.”

In particular, N.O.R.E. explained that he has specific requests for frequent collaborator Pharrell Williams. “Me and Pharrell…Pharrell only wants to give my aggressive, hardcore music. I am thirty-five years old, I’m in love and married. I would like to have a girl record. Pharrell, can we please change it up! Pharrell won’t give me a girl record, like ‘I’m not gonna be the one that changes you commercially!’ I’m like, ‘I’m ready to go!'”

Watch the interview below:

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