Today, Boston, Massachusetts emcee and actor Slaine has released The Boston Project. The Suburban Noize Records release, which has been digitally available for three weeks, is a dedication to his hometown, featuring local acts ranging from veterans like Edo G, Twice Thou and REKS to emerging voices within the Hip Hop community.

With plans of commemorating the physical release, the La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz member had also intended on releasing a video today. In the wake of yesterday’s bombings near the Boston Marathon finish line, the actor from The Town has decided to alter plans, observing this as a period of mourning. Yesterday, Slaine revealed that his four year-old son was near the Copley Square explosions when they occurred, but not injured.

CBS currently reports that over 170 were wounded in two separate bomb explosions. Three more were killed, including an eight year-old boy.

On his Facebook, Slaine explained:

Today has been a very sad day in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with the people in my community who have had their lives taken or have been badly hurt. It’s heartbreaking. I’m pretty sure most of my supporters know that I am actively involved in working in the community when I can, and supporting other artists in anyway I am able to. The Boston Project was a labor of love that I worked on with other artists from home over the past 18 months or so. I have been excited for the world to hear it, and I know a lot of these guys who are on a worldwide release for the first time are excited too. At the same time it sucks to promote a project from the community in the middle of one of the most tragic and brutal events in our city’s history. On the same day actually. I wont be putting out the new video today as planned because I didnt feel it was appropriate to put a video that is a celebration out during this time of mourning. It was impossible to move the release date of the album otherwise I would have delayed that as well. So The Boston Project is out everywhere today, but it is obviously not under the circumstances that I had envisioned for it. Stay strong Boston, and Fuck whoever the cowards are that commited this heartless act of violence on our brothers, fathers, uncles, mothers aunts, sons and daughters. They will pay for this.

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