DJ Kay Slay’s relationship with Nas was once a strong partnership. Slay sided with Nas in his infamous beef with Jay-Z. He also deejayed for Nas and appeared in his videos. They even collaborated musically. However, one day, their relationship soured. 

According to Slay, Nas was set to appear in a video for his first single off of his first album, 2003’s The Streetsweeper Vol 1. Slay was excited, sharing that the track “Too Much For Me” was buzzing on the radio. Baby, Foxy Brown and Amerie were prepared to do the video but Nas was not present. 

“Nas had some kind of altercation with the label and didn’t want to come to the video [shoot],” Slay explained. “Fuckin’ dude would not come to the video shoot, yo…That’s when me and him fell out. And then I start to find out that [to] a lot of people that he was close to, this was somewhat like a pattern. Shit ain’t been the same, man. I ain’t still mad at the nigga like that because I’m a grown man. I ain’t into carrying shit like that throughout my life. But I ain’t ever gonna forget that. That was some real wack shit.” 

Slay also added that he was “disgusted” by Nas’ reconciliation with Jay-Z and his signing under Def Jam while Hova was president of the label. 

“I was kind of disgusted about that because I just felt like he handed the crown back over. You took the crown and then did business. You handed it back over. If you beat me in a battle but then you sign under me?” he continued. “Then I just think there was too much said.”

The video can be viewed below courtesy of Vlad TV. In it, Slay also talks about how he and Jay-Z “never really cared for each other.” 

In 2009, Slay talked about his feud with Nas. He told HipHopDX’s Paul W. Arnold about the video shoot as well. “He could’ve did so much for me by helping me the way I helped him. And he chose not to, so,” he shared. “My main thing is, first time bitten second time shy. You got me the first time, you won’t get me again.”

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