Atlanta-based producer Bangladesh has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of talent in his career, but despite his work with a variety of artists, there’s still a select few he’s hoping to work with in the future.

While speaking with, Bangladesh shared his list of dream collaborators and they ranged from Taylor Swift to Andre 3000.

“I would definitely like to work with Pink. Yeah, I would like to really fuck with her on some music. That’d be dope,” Bangladesh revealed. “Andre 3000, I would love to work with him on something that’s he’s doing, on his stuff. Who else? Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars…I just like the elements of what they do, they are who they are. But it’s what they do that makes them who they are and makes them good. With the offset combination, I just like stuff like that.”

The Ponzi Scheme creator also rattled down the list of artists he’s currently working with, including fellow Atlanta artists Ludacris and 2 Chainz.

“I was just working with Luda. I’m back in with Luda. I did a joint for 2 Chainz,” said Bangladesh. “Syleena Johnson, I’m executive producing her project. Working with Keke Palmer. I’m into doing whole projects. Or at least executive producing something more than just one or two joints…I’m working with Sean Garrett, and we just chasing the projects like everybody else. The Miley Cyrus’, The Rihanna’s, Beyonce, Chris Brown, the same things people in the industry try to chase and get on.”

Bangladesh’s last project, Ponzi Scheme, was released last month and featured appearances from Pusha T, Trinidad James, and numerous other artists.

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