While Gangsta Rap pioneer mogul Eazy-E already has a son that pursues Hip Hop in Lil Eazy-E, he has a daughter venturing into film. E.B. Wright, who is also an aspiring musician, told BET.com that she is currently producing a documentary on her father, with an emphasis on his March 26, 1995 death. The film is reportedly called A Ruthless Scandal, named after Eazy’s label, Ruthless Records.

“A lot of people don’t know the truth behind his death,” E.B. Wright told BET. “There’s definitely a story out there of how people think he died but a lot of it is a misconception, so I think it’s time to tell the story of exactly what happened.” According to reports, Eazy-E died from complications from the AIDS virus, shortly following a diagnosis. Twenty-two year-old E.B. was born during Eazy’s final days with super-group N.W.A., which at one, time included Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella, before a controversial disbanding.

Wright claims the film will involve N.W.A. members and other Ruthless artists.

There is another documentary on Eazy-E in production, called Ruthless Memories. The film is directed by Sergio Hernandez, and features interviews with Eazy’s longtime business partner Jerry Heller and later protege, B.G. Knocc Out.

Read E.B. Wright’s full interview at BET.com.

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