This week, the LA Weekly published a feature interview with Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator and longtime OF reporter Jeff Weiss. Within the three-page piece, Tyler was asked about the success he has experienced since early 2010, when the group and their front-man garnered celebrity.

“Even if I’m at the Grammy [Awards], I feel like I’m an outsider,” said the 22 year-old Tyler, who is about to release Wolf next Tuesday (April 2). “I don’t really think about shit until someone brings it up. I can’t explain how it is. I’m not lonely, I just don’t have anyone to relate to.” With his boutique, advertising ventures and Loiter Squad show, which was taping during much of the interview, Tyler pointed back to who he was before the opportunities. “I’m the same dude. I’m still regular. This shirt must’ve been washed a hundred times.”

Tyler compares Wolf, his second studio album as a solo artist to his 2009 free project, Bastard. “I was pissed, and then life kinda started getting good. But Wolf is emotional. It’s bright and dark. I brag about having a four-story house but being lonely.” Now with a Range Rover and an actual four-story house, Tyler says the greatest luxury in his new income bracket, the fact that he can now “walk into Amoeba [Records] and buy anything I want.”

Read the full LA Weekly Tyler, The Creator Interview.

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