Ninety year-old TIME magazine got a bit #Based this week, as it would seem. The publication ran a list of “The 140 Best Twitter Feeds Of 2013” yesterday (March 25) and included Lil B, along with Roots’ drummer/band-leader ?uestlove.

The Berkeley, California independent sensation and co-founder of The Pack and the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native percussionist were included under “Celebrities” in the list taking its number from Twitter’s maximum number of characters allowed per tweet. The list was reportedly made by “TIME editors in every field.”

Among the 13 other categories besides Celebrity, were Politics, Health & Family and Activitsts.

Lil B’s Twitter handle is @LilBTheBasedGod and ?uest’s is @Questlove. They have 640,000 and 2.5 million followers, respectively.

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