When it comes to child support, it’s all a numbers game and Future could possibly feel the wrath of the math.

According to TMZ, Jessica Smith, the mother of Future’s first child claims the Atlanta rapper owes more money than he currently pays in child support and her proof comes from Future’s own mouth.

Future recently claimed on television that he carries $25,000 on his person at all times. His current documented income is set at $16,516 per month and he currently pays $1,662 monthly in child support for their 10-year-old son.

After learning about the 25 stacks that Vandross always carries around with him Smith immediately went back to court and filed new documents to invalidate their previous deal and increase his child support obligation. She believes Future’s actual monthly income exceeds $50,000.

Future’s next album, Future Hendrix, will be released later this year.

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