Earlier in the week, with help from his daughter Cori B, Snoop Lion released the Drake-assisted track “No Guns Allowed.” The record tackles issues of gun control and violence, and according to Snoop “No Guns Allowed” was inspired by one incident in particular.

In a video teaser, the noted West Coast rapper spoke on a time when he believed his family may have been in danger due to threats from police.

“I had just got off stage and I was getting ready to go back to the house. I pull up about a block and a half, before I know it a hundred police pull up on me. They all drawing down with real guns and they not playing,” Snoop revealed. “So they finally come over, pull me out the car. Start talking to me and they like, ‘You can play dumb all you want. We have your wife and kids under arrest and we finna run through your whole house. So either you gonna tell us where the guns are or we gon’ put your family through hell.’ And I had to think, ‘My daughter is in the house. My son is in the house. Do I really want them to go through this bullshit that I’m trained for, that doesn’t bother me. They never seen this.’”

Snoop later addressed Cori B’s appearance on the record, stating that his daughter proved to be a good fit for the inspirational song.

“With the ‘No Guns Allowed’ it just sounded like Cori B should be on it. Cause she sounds good on that and it’s her tone. And it’s a great record for me and my daughter because it’s the things that’s being said,” said Snoop.

“No Guns Allowed” will be featured on Snoop Lion’s upcoming album, Reincarnated.

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