Following news that G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc is currently seeking a lump sum of $4.5 million in his lawsuit against rival emcee Game, the rapper has finally shared the reason why he chose to sue Game.

Speaking exclusively to, 40 Glocc revealed that he believes he was jumped by Game and the rapper’s entourage outside of a Hollywood mansion last summer for “entertainment purposes” and as an entertainer he feels that he should be compensated for the altercation.

“As far as the lawsuit, I looked at it as what he did. He didn’t do that as no street shit. I looked at it more of he did it as an entertainment purpose,” 40 Glocc explained. “So if it’s an entertainment purpose, ‘Hey, I’m an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.’ You made that fake ass movie, and made a fake ass edit. Lied about everything that took part, but you did it to assassinate me. And as an entertainer I’m like I get compensated. You know I do movies. I done did movies, films, TV, videos. So I get paid to entertain on that side of it. And at the same time I seen it as like if that was some real shit and it wasn’t entertainment purposes, you wouldn’t have recorded no shit like that and put it out for that because that’s like letting the authorities know.”

40 Glocc later explained that he believes the altercation and the video was nothing more than promotional material for Game’s last album, Jesus Piece.

“Yeah, shit, as far as I’m concerned,” said 40 Glocc, when asked if the video was promo for Game’s last album. “It didn’t do shit, but that was his whole promo.”

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