In only a matter of day’s, producer/composer Adrian Younge and the Wu-Tang Clan’s own Ghostface Killah will debut their joint project, Twelve Reasons To Die, during South By Southwest. The duo hasn’t shed a tremendous amount of light on the album, but while appearing on NPR’s Fresh Air radio show earlier today (March 12th) Younge did share a few details on the LP.

Younge revealed that Twelve Reasons To Die will serve as the “score to a vintage, Italian horror film,” that takes place in 1968. He also cited RZA and Italian composer Ennio Morricone as two of the inspirations behind his production on the album.

“So this album is called Adrian Younge Presents: Twelve Reasons To Die Starring The Ghostface Killah. And basically this is a score to a vintage, Italian horror film. Obviously a full vintage horror film that takes place in 1968,” Younge explained. “So in my head I pictured all this artwork. All this old argental type artwork and I wanted it to be something that Morricone could have scored back then. And then I wanted to pull in all of that Morricone sentiment. All of that old, American soul sentiment. And then I wanted to kind of fabricate that in a way that The RZA would have put the album together had he been a producer in the late 60’s.”

Despite his work on Twelve Reasons To Die, Younge says he put Hip Hop on the backburner in the late 90’s to focus on other genres of music.

“I was really raised on Hip Hop, and Hip Hop introduced me basically to all the music I listen to now and what’s sad to me is I can’t really listen to Hip Hop that much anymore,” said Younge. “You know, I mean, there’s a lot of great Hip Hop out there, but I’m not an avid fan of Hip Hop. I always say to people that I left Hip Hop in ’97, meaning that I departed from listening to predominantly Hip Hop and just started really getting into records from the late ’60s, early ’70s.”

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