On the anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.’s death, the rapper’s close friend Lil’ Kim called in to DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show to speak on the legacy of the rapper and to also share the details of her current endeavors.

Among Lil’ Kim’s new projects is an upcoming album which may or may not feature an appearance from the late rapper since Lil’ Kim revealed that she does in fact have unreleased material from Biggie.

“Actually, Puff and I started to work back together…’Cause I do have some songs with Biggie on them,” Lil’ Kim revealed in a video posted on HipHop-n-More.com. “Even though Big is my family. It’s like to be able to do something again with him now seems like always such a pleasure. You know what I mean? It’s like I was around greatness…I was his biggest fan. That don’t happen. You don’t normally get linked up with the person that you look up to crazy. So that was a blessing for me.”

The rapstress specifically shared that some of the unreleased material came courtesy of Biggie’s former DJ, 50 Grand.

“I remember his old deejay, 50 Grand…he came to me years ago and was like ‘Kim, I got some stuff that nobody’s ever heard before.’ And he gave it to me. It’s some crazy stuff on there. I’m talking about raw, gutter stuff,” said Lil’ Kim.

Later in the interview, Lil’ Kim spoke on her animosity towards Notorious, the 2009 biopic which detailed the life of the Notorious B.I.G, and even referred to the film as a “spoof.”

“That movie is a spoof to me. A lot of people felt that way. I remember Jadakiss saying he wasn’t really happy with it either…All of the people that was so close to him know that it just wasn’t it. That wasn’t right,” said the rapper.

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