As HipHopDX reported yesterday, Sway was set to explain the story behind the TV he received from Kanye West on Rap Fix. West had been upset with his placement on MTV’s list of “Hottest MCs in the Game” and in one rant, he talked about giving Sway his first television set. Sway took that same television set and hosted his show Rap Fix, with the television sitting beside him. 

“Please welcome my first TV, given to me by Kanye West,” he said at the top of his show, pointing to the television set. “We go so far back together.” 

“This is my first TV. We met in 2001,” he continued. “Back in 2001, me and Kanye West would hang out from time to time… Kanye is one of the most talented visionaries we have in this business. So, him inviting me to see his house? Of course I did it.” 

He then explained how the TV went from being Kanye’s to being his. 

“When I opened the bathroom door, which was probably the size of a closet, the first thing I saw was this hunk of a TV sitting in Kanye West’s sink. I thought it was abstract art,” he added. “I asked ‘Ye, ‘Yo, what’s up with that TV in your sink?’ He responded, ‘Yo dog, it’s 36 inches. This TV is too small to put in my living room. It’s embarrassing. So I hide it in my sink because the TV is embarrassing.’ Being from Oakland, I asked Kanye, ‘What are you going to do with the TV? You going to throw it away?’ He said, ‘Yep.’ I said, ‘No you not, homie. You grab one end of the TV. I’ma grab the other.’ We took the TV to my car.”

He then added that Kanye West still owes him a remote. 

The opening of the show can be seen below, via Rap Fix. 

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