In addition to the Wu-Tang Clan and Method Man individually, GZA has plans to release another album, Dark Matter.

In an interview with FADER, the Genius spoke about the new project. “I’m working on an album. Dark Matter. …Constantly writing.”

“It’s inspired by the universe,” he elaborated. “Planets, elements, everything that’s around us. I’m putting those facts together, and making a story out of it.”

During the interview, GZA also spoke about one of his favorite hobbies: chess. “I learned how to play when I was around nine years old,” explained the legendary rapper. “A cousin of mine taught me. We play one or two games, and I didn’t play again until I was about twenty-one.”

GZA explained that a collection of other emcees got him back into the game. “I was hanging out in east New York every now and then with Masta Killa, Jeru the Damaja, Afu-Ra, and all the other brothers from the area. True Master. And they were playing chess in the park, so I started playing again. That’s when it really started for me.”

Watch the interview below:

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