Wu-Tang Clan producer True Master was re-arrested yesterday after fleeing a courthouse following his arraignment on a sexual assault charge.

According to DNAInfo, the 41-year-old, born Derrick Harris, was discovered in his apartment located on West 120th Street in New York City, New York at 1:15 a.m. on Wednesday. He was previously arraigned at criminal court on charges of sexually assaulting and beating a woman in his home.

Bystanders claim that at least 20 police officers and two helicopters surrounded the premises to take him back into custody. He had previously been ordered held on $250,000 bond and $150,000 cash bail, but he somehow managed to escape during the custody hand-off.

Upon returning to court, he was re-arraigned with charges of felony escape and harassment. He is currently being held without bail.

[September 15]

UPDATE: True Master was granted $250,000 bail on Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court for charges of allegedly trying to rape a woman in his Harlem, New York apartment.

Giving what was described as a “bizarre courtroom rant,” he said posed the question to the presiding judge, “As I told you my nationality and you don’t want to respect me, you don’t think that I have the authority to fire you?” He continued, “I’m a sovereign national, my whole life. As I said, I have unalienable rights. […] You can play if you want to play, but all you’re doing is asking [me] to exercise my authority to have your ass fired.”