The ever-churning Wu-Tang Clan machine continues, with Masta Killa’s Selling My Soul serving as the latest entry in the Clan’s storied catalogue.

In an interview with, Masta Killa discussed how he would approach a Wu-Tang reunion album – starting with giving The RZA a lot of deference.

“I think I would let The Abbott be The Abbott really,” he explained. “The first five albums out of my camp is all RZA right there, which made individuals successful to the degree that they are. I’m going to let him do what he do [laughs]. I’m going to do what I do and I’m confident that that’s going to be what it’s supposed to be. It’s really never failed, really. If I got The Abbott in the chamber I’m not even worried. I’m just going to come and make sure my rhyme books are sharp.”

MK also addressed oft-discussed tension amongst the Rap collective, which has been documented for years.

“I’ll say like this, brother, in all families, even in our personal families there are times when you might have to give somebody some space,” reflected the rapper. “My brother, my sister, my uncle, my aunts, my father, whoever! Real family goes through real things. Sometimes a little space and distance is healthy. Intelligent men are going to come together and solve that in their own good time. I’m confident that that’ll happen. I do understand that it does reflect on the creativity of the music. That’s felt within the music because those are all vibrations. I’m in my right frame of mind, brother [laughs]. I’m feeling good and I can’t wait to get it on personally. I’m going to bring that energy to the table and that positiveness will travel throughout everything. To me, I think it’s going to be a positive look.”

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