This week featured some basketball-related confrontations. Lil Wayne took the mic at NBA All-Star Weekend, going on a rant about how he hated Miami Heat, slandering a few players on the team. He also made the flammable comment that he “fucked Chris Bosh’s wife,” ending his tirade with a bang. Meanwhile, Wale got heated after a sports commentator poked fun at him during a game, prompting the Maybach Music Group rapper to confront the broadcaster in a tirade caught on tape. Finally, Tupac’s videographer Gobi M. Rahimi spoke on Suge Knight’s claims that he was shot in the aftermath of the assassination attempt on the rapper’s life, refuting that he has a bullet lodged in his skull.

Lil Wayne Rants Against Miami Heat, Says He “Fucked Chris Bosh’s Wife”

Lil Wayne is not afraid to speak his mind. Last weekend, Weezy took the mic at an event during NBA All-Star Weekend, claiming that he was the “new ‘Pac” and trashing Miami Heat. “Fuck all them niggas. Fuck LeBron James. Fuck [Dwyane] Wayde. Fuck Chris Bosh, all them niggas,” he said, closing with a sharp zinger. “And, and, and, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.” Wayne, who was reportedly banned from NBA games (a claim later denied), clarified his comments during an interview later in the week, stating that he didn’t mean to include LeBron James in the rant but that he stuck by everything else. His tirade incited strong responses from Miami, Florida figures including Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell and Trick Daddy, each of whom took offense to the YMCMB chief’s comments. Watch the rant below.

Wale Confronts Sports Commentator For Making Fun Of Him

Somewhat similar to Lil Wayne, Wale isn’t shy when it comes to going after anyone that’s done him wrong. This week, Wale attended a Washington Wizards game where he heckled Toronto Raptors’ Rudy Gay from the sidelines. A sports commentator addressed the situation, putting the Maybach Music Group rapper down. “A fan heckling him and supposedly, this fan is a well-known local rapper. Wall-ay. Locally, here,” he said. “Wale is inspiring. I’m sure somebody on Twitter could tell me if they exactly had ever heard of Wale. He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.” A clip was released the next morning showing Wale confronting the broadcaster, an incident he later addressed. “I was going over there to be like, ‘Yo, my man, you gotta have a little respect, you’re in my town,” he said. “I know you’re trying to do your job, and I ain’t trying to disrespect you.’ Whatever, but timing is everything, I could’ve waited. I can take that [criticism].” Watch the incident below.

Tupac Videographer Gobi M. Rahimi Denies Suge Knight Claim Of Being Shot

Gobi M. Rahimi, who served as Tupac‘s videographer in the last few months of his life, set the record straight on a few claims made by Pac’s associates. During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Rahimi denied Suge Knight’s claim that he got shot and that a bullet was lodged in his skull in the aftermath of Tupac’s shooting, stating that he overheard Knight’s mother saying that he was “fine” and that her son was hit with either flying glass or a piece of shrapnel. The director of some of Tupac’s music videos recalled the last days of Tupac’s life in the hospital following the assassination attempt, and is currently raising funds for his film 7 Dayz that documents the rapper’s last moments of life. Read the interview here.

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