Cee Lo Green is being sued over a pair of Christmas concerts that never happened.

Cierra Management Group claims that Cee Lo’s camp approached them with an offer in November 2011 to do a “12 Days of Christmas” tour, reports TMZ. The cost was apparently $100,000 per concert, which Cierra was not willing to pay, nor were they willing to do six days.

Finally, Cierra and Cee Lo’s camp apparently settled on two concerts for $243,000 including expenses. Finally, Cierra agreed, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the concerts never took place. Cierra claims Cee Lo’s camp never intended the shows to take place, and that it was “a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest.”

Cee Lo is being sued for allegedly refusing to perform the concerts. Cierra is seeking $14.2 million.

Cee Lo Green recently reunited with Goodie Mob on stage for ESPN the Magazine‘s Super Bowl party.

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