On March 1, Hip-Hop Chess Foundation founder/author Adisa Banjoko will present at Boston, Massachusetts’ Harvard University. The Bay area native will lead a 90-minute interactive workshop titled, “Living The Game: The Powerful Fusion of Hip-Hop & Chess.”

Banjoko, author of multiple volumes of the self-published Lyrical Swords series, said in a statement: “This presentation will explain in great detail the interwoven histories of Hip Hop, chess and martial arts. Further, it will show how the blending of art, logic and physical fitness guide young people to self-discovery, self-mastery and nonviolence.”

Supporting the Ivy League event is Banjoko’s friend and Wu-Tang Clan co-founder RZA, who provided the scholar with transportation to the event. “RZA has supported the H.H.C.F. in many ways, but this was truly unexpected. RZA told me ‘I’m helping you achieve this vision because on one hand as a comrade you came to me, and I think this can be fruitful for you and your family. On another hand,  I think the young people in our colleges can benefit from analytical minds such as yours. So it’s a gift to them as well. Lastly these youths are to become the potential leaders of our country. So in the long run we help all.’”

Previously, Banjoko has published archival interviews at HipHopDX, including a 1991 Q&A with Gang Starr just days after Guru’s death.

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