Azealia Banks has announced the title and release date for the first single off her upcoming major label debut Broke With Expensive Taste.

Taking to Facebook, the “212” rapstress revealed that the track will be titled “YUNG RAPUNXEL” and will drop on February 12th.

“My first single is actually not going 2 be Miss Amor / Miss Camaraderie,” she wrote. “It’s goin 2 be a song called ‘YUNG RAPUNXEL’ and will be released February 12, 2013.”



The Harlem, New York native initially intended to release Broke With Expensive Taste on that same date, but it is currently unclear when the LP will drop. Banks, who previously said that she’s going for “authenticity” with the album, also noted that she’d like to release two albums in 2013 and that she’d eventually “like to stop rapping.”

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