Before Chief Keef was sentenced to two months at Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, Illinois for violating his probation, the 17-year-old Chicago rapper went on a promo tour for his debut album Finally Rich. Along the tour, he stopped at Power 92.1 in Richmond, Virginia for a question-and-answer session, something he rarely does.

While he avoided some questions and seemed outright annoyed by others, Keef did give some insight into his relationship with 50 Cent, as well as why he chose to sign with Interscope Records over Young Jeezy‘s CTE imprint.

The rapper quickly clarified his relationship with 50 Cent after radio personality TT Torrez asked if he had become his mentor. “Nah… We be riding Ferrari’s together, he’s cool. He tells me a lot of stuff, a lot of dos and don’ts, but I don’t know who told you that stuff right there.”



Keef also named Young Jeezy as someone who tried to take the young emcee under their wing. “He came and spoke some words to me too, before I signed with Interscope.” He also said he turned down a deal with Jeezy for an opportunity to control his own label with Interscope.

“I can sign people, why would I sign to Young Jeezy? I’d rather sign to Interscope because Interscope is a bigger brand and they gave me my own label.”

To see the full interview check out the video below (via FSD).

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