While he may be willing to dole out praises to Kendrick Lamar’s debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, Nas isn’t as ready to decide whether his own Life is Good is a classic. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, Nasty Nas explains what it will take to make Life is Good a classic in his mind.

Nas explained that while he won’t object to any of his fans calling the album a classic, he believes time will tell whether the album meets the standard. He also added that there’s a difference between a classic and an album that the music scenes needs.

“Time tells — a lot of the time it has to do with time,” he said “It’s cool, you can call my record a classic; I’m not tripping. Time will really make me feel it or not, and then if a year from now, another two years from now, I really feel like it’s a classic and no one else does, I’m gonna make noise! I’m gonna complain! I’m gonna campaign for that title.”

He added, “If it’s not a classic, that’s cool. That means there’s a different title for it that is a different meaning for the record. It wasn’t a worldwide classic or a nationwide classic or a ‘hood classic but it…was important and it was incredible. You don’t have to always be classic: You can be incredible, you can be meaningful or needed. You can be a much-needed album, you know what I mean?”

Check out the full interview over at MTV.

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