The last time Timbaland and Pop star/actor Justin Timberlake combined for an entire album, 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, the pair churned out six top 20 hits on their way to a Number One album which domestically sold 4 million copies. According to sources at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, it would appear the pieces are in place to make another run at the charts.

“It means more to me than anybody else in the world,” Timberlake explained, via a promotional video for his upcoming project. “I’ve only done two albums in 10 years. That’s the way I really look at it. What does the next decade mean for me?”

Apparently it means a break of some sorts from movies and other interests. The former N*Sync member had been found in the likes of movies such as Friends With Benefits, partnering in a retooled and even beatboxing with Brother Ali during the six years since his last album dropped. Timberlake has reportedly already recorded with Beyonce and Jay-Z. A single with the latter was rumored to be released Thursday morning, but has been rescheduled for a release Sunday.

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