N.O.R.E. is undergoing yet another name change, this time sticking to the acronyms.

The artist formerly known as Noreaga has decided to call himself P.A.P.I. for his Student of the Game LP.

“I wanted to do something totally different for the album,” said the rapper in an interview with MTV News.

“Sometimes if you’re lost, the best way to find where you’re at is to go to the beginning,” he added. “My mother doesn’t even call me Victor, my father has never called me Victor, my teachers didn’t even call me Victor… My name in Lefrak City and my name in Queens is actually P.A.P.I., it’s not even N.O.R.E.”

So what does the name stand for? “I like to have my acronyms poppin’ so P.A.P.I. is Power Always Proves Intelligence,” he explained.

Listen to the interview below:

[January 5]

UPDATE: P.A.P.I. (aka N.O.R.E.) has announced that his new album Student of the Game will release on April 16th. Listen to the announcement below.

(February 27)

UPDATE: P.A.P.I. (f/k/a N.O.R.E.) has released the artwork to his Student Of The Game album, as premiered by his own 57thAve site.

This week, HipHopDX interviewed P.A.P.I. about his latest name-change and the status of Capone-N-Noreaga.

It is posted below:

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