In 2012, Kirko Bangz proved to be quite the worthy addition to Warner Bros. Records and in the coming year the label newcomer plans on making even more noise with the release of his debut album. While speaking with, Kirko shared a few minor details about his debut including the types of records that can be found on the album.

“Ah, man, I’ma give people what they always get with Kirko Bangz,” said the rapper when asked what can be expected on his debut. “I have records like ‘Keep It Trill,’  ‘Drank In My Cup’  and then also have records like I had on my mixtape like ‘The Vent,’ reflecting on my life. It’s gonna be a lot deeper than people have heard from me in the past. I feel like the album is really just time for me to tell my story and let people know who I really am. So really it’s mixing all those elements in with the H-Town element as well, and seeing where it goes.”

The Houston spitter continued to speak on his forthcoming album during his brief interview and shared that fans can expect to hear quite a few records similar to Procrastination Kills 4’s “The Vent.”

“Yeah. A lot of my real deep records, real quality records, I’ve been holding ’em for the album. All the time that I had mixtapes, I had one or two big, quality records, and the rest was mixtape stuff,” Kirko explained. “But I’m holding those records, so when the album come, everybody be like, He really is a artist. I just put out radio singles here and there.”

According to Kirko, fans can expect his debut album to hit shelves “sometime in the top of 2013.”

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