Kirko Bangz appears to be the latest artist in Houston, Texas’ long, storied source for Hip Hop stars. Warner Bros. Records’ latest star has a  lyrical smoothness emphasizes originality and a modern sexy appeal. Kirko makes racy selections for the women followed by witty street freestyles embraced by the fellas and getting better by the second at mastering his own identity.

The part-rapper, part-singer started by delivering a mixtape series Procrastination Kills and fans followed along the way. Early success with his music in collage gave Kirko a taste of what the future may be holding, now his stomach growls on features and tours all across our nation. On the cusp of finishing up Kirko’s official first album, Young Kirko discusses his major signing to Warner, remaining authentic, and a crucial part of his success lying in the hands of the females.

HipHopDX: I know you love Texas and even have a tattoo. What is so amazing about being a Texan, in your opinion?

Kirko Bangz: You always want to be able to express yourself based off your environment. Growing up in Houston taught me a lot it was a great place to live and it has characteristics that can’t be found anywhere else. Growing up here, Chopped & Screwed [music] was a big influence – and just seeing the artists from here be able to make it. I’m happy to represent the South and Texas is a big part of me as an artist and a person.

DX: You were attending Prairie View A&M when your career took off. I’ve heard that you didn’t just drop out but continued your education. Is that true are you still enrolled, or did you eventually have to leave once things popped off.

Kirko Bangz: I actually dropped out in my Junior year because I wanted to build and concentrate on my career as an artist. I probably will go back one day, for my mom’s sake. That way my mom can have my diploma up on the wall as a lil trophy; I know she would really like that.

DX: You are also an avid basketball player. What position do you play, and what skills have you taken from the court to the booth. 

Kirko Bangz: I was the point guard. Yeah I would say the discipline and having to ability to focus. I honestly feel like the game of basketball is a lot harder than the music game because you have to combine so many elements to succeed and its competitive on all levels at all times.

DX: You met your manager in college. Looking back, did either or your guys ever imagine it would be like this today?

Kirko Bangz: Looking back on it, I can say yeah we both knew we were going to reach success. I was out here going hard at my music and trying to get my manager’s attention. When he finally checked me out and listened to the music we go together and knew we was going to make it happen and we did.

DX: Tell me how the deal with Warner Bros. came together?

Kirko Bangz: We were just out there grinding and making music. The rep from Warner [Bros. Records] was looking for somebody new and my single “What Yo Name Iz” was starting to take off and chart so we met up with the label they were and everything just fell into place.

DX: Texas is the type of state where an independent artist can make money with a label, so what made you decide to sign to a major? 

Kirko Bangz: Well, we had been working so hard to get to that point so when the deal came I was ready for it. But to be honest, I wish I could’ve stayed independent because it’s less of a headache. It’s a lot of stuff that comes along with signing to a major, but it’s all cool.

DX: Tell me about your Procrastination Kills series. Describe the progression from mixtape to mixtape, and which one has been your favorite to date? 

Kirko Bangz: There’s been a lot of growth from project to project. My stories have changed and I have consistently evolved. You can hear the development from each mixtape. I would say my latest one is my favorite because it’s a reflection on how my life is now.

DX: “What Yo Name Iz” was your first song to chart with Billboard. Tell me why creatively this song was such a big hit for you.

Kirko Bangz:  I honestly don’t know, I was just bullshitting with my niggas and just spit it. I didn’t even like the song at first. It was a freestyle that just took off. I guess I have the ladies to thank for it becoming a hit.

DX: I know you had Bun B on the remix. You’ve always been afforded the opportunity to work with other respect major Texas acts. How has that experience of being embraced by your peers feel?  

Kirko Bangz:  It has been great being acknowledged by so many major Texas artists. They opened the doors for me and to the world on our way of life. A lot of the artists have been really cool and welcomed me, but I know that they are still watching me and waiting to see how I do or if I can really deliver so I have to continue to go hard. It’s a position that you have to earn; it’s not just given.

DX: “Drank In My Cup” was also a huge success for you. What type of drink do you usually like to keep in your cup? Are you a white, brown, or purple type of guy?

Kirko Bangz: I’m a Hennessy man. I definitely don’t walk around drinking purple all day because if I did I wouldn’t be able to do anything else at all. [Laughs] That stuff can be very addictive and I’m definitely not trying to go that route. I have a lot of work to do, so I really don’t drink that often.

DX: You’re going to be releasing your album at the end of the year do you have a title for us

Kirko Bangz: Yeah I have the title, but we aren’t ready to release that info yet. [Laughs]

DX: Will your content on the album be similar to that of your mixtape or something totally different?

Kirko Bangz: We are working on a lot of stuff right now so it’s to early to say. The content will be similar to the mixtapes because I like to bring a lot of truth out through my music. The production will be on a lot bigger scale though, so I’m going to just try to do me and give the fans my best.

DX:  What is the most important component of a Kirko Bangz live show?

Kirko Bangz: The women! I’ve got to have the women there. If there are plenty of women at the show then that’s all I need, when I see that I’m ready for anything.

DX: You give a lot of credit to the females for their support and role in your success. What type of women do you normally like to date?

Kirko Bangz: Just a regular girl. I like to keep it simple so she doesn’t have to be extra with me. As long as she’s being herself, that’s good enough for me.

DX: And when it comes to the physical….

Kirko Bangz: Hahaha Im an ass, ass, asss man. [Laughs]

DX: You do a lot of writing for your own projects, have you began getting request too write for other major artist as well?

Kirko Bangz: Yeah, I write a lot and you can see the growth in me as a writer. I haven’t been hot up yet by any other artists, but it’s definitely coming soon. It takes time, so stay tuned.

DX:  I read that you don’t pay attention to views, numbers, and comments when it comes to your viral presence. Why is that?

Kirko Bangz: Man I just try not to get caught up in all of that. I try to focus on the music and on being me. As long as I’m keeping it real, and being an authentic artist, that’s what counts the most to me.

DX:  The BET Hip-Hop Awards are coming up in sure you’ll be in attendance what are you looking forward to the most?

Kirko Bangz: I’m just looking forward to being in the building and getting to see other celebrities that also will know who I am so it should be fun.

DX: Last question when it’s all said and done, are you a singer who raps or a rapper that sings? 

Kirko Bangz: At the end of the day, I’m just a young nigga out here trying to make it!

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